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Choosing and Enjoying Fresh and Delicious Shrimp: Tips from Kingfish

Shrimp is a popular and nutritious seafood that is highly favored. However, it is susceptible to pollution and spoilage during transportation. Choosing and purchasing fresh and delicious shrimp is essential to ensure the health and quality of your dishes. In this article, let’s explore the important considerations when selecting and preparing fresh and delicious shrimp with Kingfish.

There are various types of shrimp such as tiger shrimp, mantis shrimp, blue-legged shrimp, and more. However, they share some common characteristics that you can apply when choosing good-quality shrimp.

How to select fresh shrimp for raw consumption

Shrimp Legs

To choose fresh and healthy shrimp, housewives should observe the shrimp’s legs before purchasing. If the shrimp’s legs are firm and securely attached to the body, along with the body being firm, these are signs that the shrimp is fresh and healthy. Conversely, you should avoid buying shrimp with black legs, legs that have fallen off, or a body that appears soft, as these are signs that the shrimp has been left for a long time and is no longer fresh. Using such shrimp for cooking can result in a loss of flavor or pose health risks.

You should select shrimp that are healthy, actively swimming, and capable of leaping on the water’s surface.

Shrimp Tail

In addition to the legs, observing the tail is also crucial when purchasing shrimp. You should pick up a shrimp and extend its tail to check. If there is a wide gap between the joints on the shell and the shrimp’s flesh, it is a sign that the shrimp has been frozen for a long time or is no longer fresh. Instead, choose shrimp with a narrow gap between the shell’s joints and the flesh. This is a sign of freshly caught shrimp that have not been treated with chemicals.


Another tip to help housewives choose fresh and delicious shrimp is to check their activity. Choosing shrimp that are swimming and have high activity on the water’s surface is a sign of healthy, fresh shrimp with high nutritional content. Conversely, you should avoid shrimp that are motionless or can only weakly move their legs. These may be old shrimp or close to death.

How to select frozen shrimp

To choose good-quality frozen shrimp, you can consider the following tips:

1. Choose shrimp with bright shells, without signs of diseases or discoloration.

2. Choose shrimp that can be easily separated from their shells without being torn or broken.

3. Select shrimp with a fresh taste, without a fishy or unusual odor.

4. You should choose tightly packaged shrimp to ensure food safety.

5. If possible, choose shrimp that are harvested in areas with good water quality and no pollution.

6. Choose shrimp with even sizes and avoid those that are too large or too small.

7. You should also select frozen shrimp produced and imported by reputable suppliers. For example, KINGFISH is a long-standing, reputable seafood brand in Vietnam. They use Frozen-live technology to preserve the seafood’s freshness as if it were just caught, and they rigorously control the supply chain process to optimize pricing and ensure quality for their partners and customers.

In conclusion, we hope that the tips for selecting fresh and delicious shrimp provided above will help you have safe and suitable meals for your family’s health. Thank you for reading this article from KINGFISH, and continue to follow us for useful information about seafood!

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