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How to create a delicious dish from stingray fish

What tasty dish can you prepare with stingray fish? . Stingray fish is not only filling, but it can also be easily prepared into unique and savory dishes such as fried foods, hotpot, and sour soup, which not many people are aware of. KINGFISH will present some tasty stingray fish meals in this post for everyone to enjoy.

I/ Delicious dish from fresh stingray fish

1. Hotpot with Stingray Fish and Bamboo Shoots

The stingray fish sour soup must be mentioned if someone asks what is tasty to prepare from stingray fish.

This meal has a lovely flavor balance, blending fragrant and tangy components. When eating, it’s typically served with a bowl of sweet and sour chili fish sauce and a variety of veggies. Also, you can eat it with rice or noodles for a more mouthwatering experience.

2. Stringray Fish hotpot with river leaf

Stingray fish hotpot with river leaves is the following delectable dish cooked using stingray fish. The flavor of stingray fish is unique because to the subtle sourness of bamboo shoots and river leaves.

The stingray fish has a rich flavor that goes well with the hotpot broth and is soft and naturally sweet. Typically, rice or hot, steamed rice noodles are served with this dish.

3. Stringray Fish sour soup with banana blossom

What tasty dish can we create with stingray fish? The ideal option is stingray fish and banana blossom sour soup. You’ll get a bowl of deliciously sour soup with the addition of crispy banana blossoms and fresh, flavorful stingray fish. The fish meat is flaky and tasty, the broth is sweet and tangy, and the banana flowers are naturally crunchy and sweet. It is wonderful to have this dish with hot, cooked rice.

4. Stingray Fish sour soup with tamarind leaf

Stingray fish sour soup with young tamarind leaves is the last recipe for the topic of what to cook with stingray fish that is tasty.

You can be sure that your family will enjoy the meal of stingray fish sour soup with young tamarind leaves if you include it on the menu. The broth will have a light sweetness from the young tamarind leaves used to boil the soup. This dish is delicious and not too difficult to prepare.

II/ Delicious dish from dried Stringray Fish

1. Dried Stringray Fish with fermented tamarind sauce

Dried grilled stingray fish with fermented tamarind sauce is a great dish to share with friends over the weekend when you’re partying or just enjoying a few cans of beer. This dish, which is well-known in many areas, consists of soft, somewhat sweet stingray fish that hasn’t been overdone and is dipped in a tart, spicy, and sweet fermented tamarind sauce.

2. Dried Stingray Fish with Garlic and Chili Rim

The famous dried stingray fish with a rim of garlic and chili is a must-try delicacy. This meal combines the rich flavor of pork fat, the aromatic scent of garlic, and the chewy sweetness of dried stingray fish with a delicious sauce that is both sweet and acidic. You should keep the recipe so you can enjoy it as a snack with your pals because it’s a very easy dish to make.

3. Dried Stingray Fish Fried with Fish Sauce

In addition to some hotpot dishes,fried dried stingray fish with fish sauce is one of the best recipes using dried stingray fish.

The aroma of rich fish sauce is captivating when dried stingray fish is fried with it. The crispy and chewy stingray fish is thoroughly soaked in the sauce, resulting in a well-balanced taste that combines sweet, spicy, and sour notes. It creates a dish that is simply too good to resist.

So, KINGFISH has shown you all the delicious things you can make with stingray fish, from spicy-sour hotpots to dried stingray fish. When you have the opportunity to enjoy meals with your loved ones, don’t forget to prepare these delectable recipes.

III/ The secret to cooking stingray fish without odor

1. Selecting the fish

Selecting the fish is an essential first step in preventing stingray fish from being stink while cooking. Choosing fresh fish will reduce the fishy smell. Large, robust, swift-swimming stingray fish are ideal; steer clear of weak-swimming varieties, as their flesh is more likely to be rough and bland.

2. Preparing the fish

Fish preparation is the next important step:

• Along the spine of the stingray fish, there is often a white, hazy membrane. Cut the fish down its spine with the point of a knife. Any blood clots and the black membrane around the fish may be cut out with a knife or your hand. To get rid of any fishy smell, wash the fish’s belly well and massage it with salt.

• Stingray fish can have very slick skin. If you want to make it simpler to peel off the skin, blanch the fish in hot water. From the tail to the head, scrape off the slimy covering with a knife. To properly eliminate any fishy odor and lessen the sliminess, massage it with a lot of salt, let it sit for approximately 30 seconds, and then wash it well with white wine or vinegar.

• Follow to the next step, which is to prepare the stingray fish’s guts. Remove all the contents from the fish’s guts, leaving only the liver, since it is used to produce a tasty dipping sauce. You can choose to chop the stingray fish to fit the recipe you’re going to use. The simplest method is to cut the fish into three lengthwise halves and slice it into square pieces that may be used in soups, stews, and other recipes.

IV/ Conclusion

Despite using the same ingredient, we may make a variety of recipes, each with a distinct flavor. It is hoped that these recommendations from KINGFISH will introduce novel and intriguing foods to you, helping you to further expand the variety of your meals.