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Popular Restaurant Business Models 2023

If you’re planning to start a restaurant business and are struggling to choose the right business model, don’t worry. Here are some popular restaurant business models in Vietnam. Several popular restaurant business models nowadays cater to diverse dining and entertainment preferences. Below are 8 common restaurant business models:

I/ FastFood Restaurant Business Model

The FastFood restaurant model is a popular choice, focusing on preparing individual dishes to meet the quick dining needs of customers. It’s an ideal option for modern, fast-paced lifestyles. Restaurants following this model typically have a simple menu, quick and easy-to-prepare dishes, and takeout or delivery options.

FastFood restaurants emphasize convenient and speedy operations, with a focus on decor, menu, and service efficiency. They are suitable for people of all ages looking for a delicious and quick meal. Moreover, home delivery services are often provided, allowing access to a more diverse range of customers.

II/ Vegetarian Restaurant Business Model

Due to the increasing demand for vegetarian dining, the vegetarian restaurant business model has become a popular trend in the restaurant industry. Vegetarian ingredients are readily available and can be transformed into delicious and appealing dishes. Furthermore, the cost of vegetarian meals is often relatively low. Currently, the vegetarian restaurant model faces less competition compared to other business models, thus offering the potential for high profitability.

Opening a vegetarian restaurant caters to the dining needs of vegetarians and attracts a broader customer base, including health-conscious individuals, those seeking a wholesome lifestyle, and occasional vegetarians. By creating diverse, tasty, and creative vegetarian dishes, you can attract a significant customer base and ensure high profits for your business.

III/ Buffet Restaurant Business Model

The Buffet restaurant business model allows customers to serve themselves from a variety of food and beverage options according to their preferences. Buffet meals are typically priced per person at a fixed rate, regardless of the quantity of food consumed or the number of servings. The menu is usually diverse, providing flexibility and comfort for customers in their choices. The Buffet model can meet the diverse dining needs of customers and create a memorable culinary experience.

IV/ Fine Dining Restaurant Business Model

The Fine Dining restaurant business model is a form of upscale culinary service, characterized by its aristocratic style. Unlike typical restaurants, Fine Dining establishments often serve a limited number of pre-booked customers. The goal of this model is to create a luxurious culinary experience with high-quality and exquisite dishes.

Fine Dining restaurants are usually beautifully decorated and lavish, creating an elegant and sophisticated ambiance. The service staff is professionally trained, knowledgeable about cuisine, and capable of advising on wine and food pairings. The purpose of this model is to provide absolute customer satisfaction and deliver a top-tier dining experience.

V/ Banquet Hall Restaurant Business Model

The Banquet Hall restaurant business model is a type of dining service with spacious and well-equipped venues, specializing in serving large numbers of customers. Banquet Halls can exist as part of a large hotel or as standalone restaurants. This model caters to the requirements of customers on a large scale.

Banquet Halls have a team of professional chefs to serve customers. Due to the high number of guests, dishes are often pre-selected and prepared in advance. The menu for banquet events typically includes appetizers, main courses, and desserts. Each event can have its unique nature, so staff will arrange and set up according to specific requests to best suit the occasion.

VI/ Bistro Restaurant Business Model

A Bistro is a restaurant business model that blends elements of both a restaurant and a café. It is typically designed with a cozy atmosphere and serves simple beverages and dishes. In Vietnam, Bistros often have a European style and cater to a wide range of customers, making them suitable for casual meetings or quick lunches.

The level of sophistication in Bistros is usually rated as average, and their physical footprint is not overly large. With a compact scale, this model is very convenient for busy individuals, such as office workers. Typically, Bistros serve popular beverages, lunch options, or light dinners.

VII/ Snack Bar Restaurant Business Model

The Snack Bar business model primarily focuses on providing light snacks and drinks for customers in the evening for relaxation. The bar area is often equipped with high-quality tools and is quite spacious to offer a variety of delicious and visually appealing beverages.

The Bar business model primarily caters to beverage needs and offers some accompanying snacks. Bar counters typically feature an elegant and enticing ambiance and can adjust lighting and music to create a suitable environment for customers to enjoy drinks and unwind.

VIII/ Franchise Restaurant Business Model

The appealing aspect of the franchise brand model is that you receive support and care from the brand owner. This includes assistance in finding a location, restaurant construction and design, staff training, supply of ingredients and recipes, as well as marketing and advertising activities. This helps you establish a solid foundation for restaurant operations and leverage the potential of an established brand.


In Vietnam, there are many popular franchise brands such as Pizza Hut, KFC, Lotteria, King BBQ, Kichi Kichi, Jollibee, Burger King, Subway, Domino’s Pizza, and more.

IX/ Conclusion

Through this article, KINGFISH has shared some common restaurant business models with you. By exploring these models, you can equip yourself with basic knowledge of restaurant business and gain a better understanding of the important factors within each model.