B2B: 0567 338 333 B2C: 0983 532 532
135 Lien Phuong, Phuoc Long B, Thu Duc, HCM City
B2B: 0567 338 333 B2C: 0983 532 532
135 Lien Phuong, Phuoc Long B, Thu Duc, HCM City

Frozen Coho Salmon

Salmon is considered one of the finest seafood in the world and is the main ingredient in the famous dish of Salmon Sashimi. The flesh of salmon is vibrant orange-pink in color, and thanks to KINGFISH's strict packaging and preservation processes, the product maintains its natural moisture and crispness. Not only that, but salmon is also a healthy choice as it provides a good amount of protein, amino acids, and healthy fats.
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B2B: 0567 338 333 B2C: 0983 532 532
135 Lien Phuong, Phuoc Long B, Thu Duc, HCM City

Product Description


  • Specifications: Headless, No Internal Organs, size 2kg | 4kg | 5kg |UP 
  • Origin: Chile, Norway
  • Condition: Frozen
  • Shelf Life: 12 months from the production date, best stored at a temperature of -18°C.
  • Warehouse Locations: Liên Phương Warehouse – Hai Phong and Transimex Warehouse – Thu Duc City
  • Delicious dishes: Salmon Sashimi, Pan-Seared Salmon, Grilled Salmon, Salmon Salad, and more.

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Characteristics of salmon

1. Habitat

Salmon offspring are born, develop, and migrate to the ocean after reaching maturity in freshwater. They transition their habitat from freshwater to saltwater and vice versa during the breeding season when they return to freshwater to spawn the next generation.

Their food source is in the open sea or salted water, but this fish species reproduces in freshwater. Additionally, there are still some species that migrate upstream to freshwater for breeding and continue to live in those water regions.

2. Reproduction process

When it comes to the breeding season, salmon will embark on a far migration. Their reproductive process concludes with the death of the fish a few days or weeks later.

This fish species usually spawns in deep waters, particularly in areas with strong currents to ensure ample oxygen supply and stimulate embryo development. They typically lay eggs in nests, and salmon eggs are often orange or red in color. On average, during one spawning event, they can lay around 5,000 eggs.

Once the female salmon has laid her eggs, one or more male fish will release sperm to fertilize the eggs. Salmon enter the reproductive cycle when they reach 1 to 3 years of age.

3. Salmon meat has an irresistible aroma and flavor.

The fresh taste of salmon, with its minimal bones and abundant flesh, is free from any fishy odor. Along with its delightful flavor, salmon is commonly used in preparing dishes for the whole family.

This seafood species is also a rich source of essential nutrients for the body, particularly omega-3, DHA, EPA, vitamins, B12, and more.

They help improve the functioning of blood cells and the nervous system in the body. Additionally, consuming fish with a reasonable frequency also stimulates the growth of brain cells. This enhances memory and supports better brain function.

The red color of this fish comes from the component astaxanthin, a type of carotenoid. It plays a role in the immune system function and acts as an antioxidant, protecting cells from oxidative damage. In summary, consuming them regularly is beneficial in preventing cardiovascular diseases and slowing down the aging process of the skin.

KINGFISH provides high-quality wholesale Salmon

Currently, there are many types of salmon available on the market, but KINGFISH makes great efforts to serve our customers with the most nutritious dishes. Our salmon is immediately frozen right after being caught, ensuring its absolute freshness and deliciousness.

In addition to Salmon, customers can learn more about KINGFISH’s imported seafood on our website at https://kingfish.vn/. 

KINGFISH commits to:

+ All items are GENUINE IMPORTED, with full papers.

+Goods are Not soaked in bleach or chemicals.

+Direct freezing technology keeps the quality fresh.

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