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135 Lien Phuong, Phuoc Long B, Thu Duc, HCM City
B2B: 0567 338 333 B2C: 0983 532 532
135 Lien Phuong, Phuoc Long B, Thu Duc, HCM City

Frozen Cuttlefish

Cuttlefish is a type of seafood with a soft and curved shape, without a backbone, and vibrant colors. Cuttlefish is favored by many consumers for its delicious taste and natural sweetness. It can be prepared in various dishes such as frying, grilling, steaming, and sashimi. To maintain the freshness and quality of the product, KINGFISH implements strict processes in fishing, packaging, and preservation. Contact us now for the best pricing!
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B2B: 0567 338 333 B2C: 0983 532 532
135 Lien Phuong, Phuoc Long B, Thu Duc, HCM City

Product Description


  • Specifications: |100-300gr | 300-500gr| 700gr | 1kg | 2kg | 3kg | UP
  • Origin: India, Oman, Malaysia, Vietnam
  • Condition: Frozen
  • Shelf Life: 12 months from the production date, best stored at a temperature of -18°C.
  • Warehouse Locations: Liên Phương Warehouse – Hai Phong and Transimex Warehouse – Thu Duc City
  • Dishes: Crispy Fried Stuffed Squid, Stir-fried Squid with Onions, Steamed Squid with Coconut Water, Squid Fried in Fish Sauce,…

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Where does Cuttlefish live?

Cuttlefish is a type of squid that thrives in offshore areas with warm ocean currents and slow sea currents. In Vietnam, this squid species is most renowned in coastal regions such as Khanh Hoa, Phan Thiet, and Phu Quoc. Among the popular squid species today, Cuttlefish is highly regarded for its meat quality and its popularity both domestically and internationally. Compared to other types of squid, Cuttlefish stands out for its delightful tenderness.

                        Indian Cuttlefish

The differences between cuttlefish and broad squid

In terms of body shape, cuttlefish have a long and slender body than cuttlefish. When looking at the two squid species, the broad squid has more vibrant and eye-catching colors with small spots covering its body.

The length of cuttlefish is shorter than broad squid, and its abdomen protrudes due to the presence of internal ink sacs. On the body of this squid species, there are distinct black stripes. Additionally, they also have small milk-white ink sacs.

The fins of the squid are thick, expansive, and extend all the way to the edge of the mantle. In contrast, the fins of broad squid are closely attached to the upper part of the body and gradually become smaller towards the lower part.

How to choose fresh and delicious cuttlefish: 

To choose fresh and delicious Cuttlefish, you should first observe the color of the squid. Fresh squids will have shiny and smooth skin.

Next, you should select larger squids with thick bodies that feel firm when held in your hand. The squid’s body should be covered with a tightly sealed membrane that has black and white stripes. The meat of fresh squid will have a milky white, translucent color.

You can lightly press your finger against the squid’s body. The meat of fresh squid is usually firm and elastic. In other words, when you press your finger and release it, the squid will quickly return to its original state.

On the contrary, if the squid is not fresh, the meat will be slightly soft, sticky, and lack elasticity. In that case, when you press on the squid, the body will remain indented for a longer time before returning to its original shape.

The nutritional value of Cuttlefish

Cuttlefish is a precious seafood, often referred to as a tonic for both men and women. When cooked with natural ingredients such as lotus seeds, various beans, etc., it can create a nutritious dish for the body and help enhance brain function.

Squid contains various nutrients such as protein, calcium (Ca), phosphorus (P), iron (Fe), as well as vitamins B1, B2, etc. The peptides present in squid have detoxifying and radioprotective effects. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, this seafood is considered to have a balancing nature, and a rich taste, and it has the ability to nourish the blood, relieve menstrual blockages, and support the functions of the liver and kidneys.

The squid ink sac, also known as the squid ink pouch, helps to neutralize strong acids. Therefore, the squid ink sac is recommended for people who suffer from stomach pain or heartburn. In addition, it also has a blood-clotting effect. Furthermore, squid ink sacs are known to support the treatment of blood-related diseases.

Delicious dishes from Mực Nang

Grilled Mực Nang


1kg fresh Cuttlefish from KINGFISH, ½ jar of fermented tofu, 1 lime, Perilla, shallots, and other spices such as rice wine, sesame oil, fish sauce, and garlic.


After cleaning the squid with rice wine, marinate it with fermented tofu, sesame oil, fish sauce, and garlic.

Marinate for about 30 minutes, then place it directly on a grill using charcoal or you can also grill it using an air fryer.

When grilling, remember to turn it evenly to ensure the squid cooks evenly and does not burn. When the squid becomes firm, changes color, and releases a fragrant aroma, it is cooked.

Enjoy the grilled squid with rice, fresh vegetables, pickles, and a dipping sauce of salt and pepper, which will make your meal truly delicious.

Steamed Ginger Squid

700 grams of Mực Nang
Ginger, garlic, chili
basil, herbs
2 cucumbers

Clean the squid with clean water. Slice the ginger, lightly crush it, then stuff it into the squid’s cavity.
Pour water into a pot and steam the squid for about 15 minutes. When the squid is cooked, it will have a fragrant aroma from the ginger and squid.
Crush garlic, chili, and a few slices of ginger together. Mix in a ratio of 1 part fish sauce to 1 part sugar, then squeeze in a little lime or tamarind. Now we have a bowl of spicy-sweet-salty ginger dipping sauce.
Serve the squid with basil, herbs, cucumber, and a bowl of the spicy-sweet-salty ginger dipping sauce. It will surely satisfy your taste buds.

4 cách làm mực nang hấp gừng thơm ngon | Vuacamuc.com

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