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136 D3 street, Phuoc Long B, Thu Duc, HCM City
B2B: 0567 338 333 B2C: 0983 532 532
136 D3 street, Phuoc Long B, Thu Duc, HCM City

Frozen Unicorn Leatherjacket

Unicorn Leatherjacket, a familiar name cherished by food enthusiasts, offers tender, fatty, and delicious meat that is easy to eat and rich in nutrients for consumers. Unicorn Leatherjacket can be prepared as a main dish for family meals or transformed into irresistible and tasty snacks.
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B2B: 0567 338 333 B2C: 0983 532 532
136 D3 street, Phuoc Long B, Thu Duc, HCM City

Product Description


  • Specifications:|30gr-50gr | 100gr – 200gr | 300gr- 500gr | 1kg | 2kg | UP
  • Origin: Vietnam, India, Malaysia, Indonesia
  • Condition: Frozen
  • Shelf Life: 12 months from the production date, best stored at a temperature of -18°C.
  • Warehouse Locations: Liên Phương Warehouse – Hai Phong and Transimex Warehouse – Thu Duc City
  • Hotline: 0567 338 333

Features of Unicorn Leatherjacket

1. Living environment

The Unicorn leatherjacket  is a bottom-dwelling fish, usually found in tropical seas with a depth of 0-50 meters. This fish is mainly found in the seas around Central and some southern provinces of Vietnam. They are a species that reproduces by laying eggs.

Adult fish sometimes congregate and share habitats on rocky reefs close to shore. Unicorn leatherjacket gather in schools and hide in seaweed during the rainy season.

Females usually lay eggs just before the rainy season begins. These little unicorn leatherjacket do not call the depths of the ocean home; instead, you can see them swimming near the shore or with jellyfish.

2. The bones of Unicorn Leatherjacket have high nutritional value

What makes the fish special is the fishbone. Because their bones are cartilaginous, very soft. After separating all the meat, we can bring the fish bones and fish head to deep fry.

The bones of this fish are also a food containing many nutrients, even their bones are especially recommended for those who are deficient in calcium.

3. Cattle Fish has a delicious taste, good for health

Unicorn Leatherjacket  gives us a delicious, chewy, and rich taste of the sea that makes it difficult to forget the scent and taste.

This species of seafood is also a source of nutrients such as calories, protein, fat, etc. Along with vitamins such as vitamin B12, vitamin E, and vitamin D… Besides, Unicorn Leatherjacket also has a high content of minerals such as calcium, sodium is very suitable for people with weak bones.

Although they are not classified and listed as foods with the highest calcium content. However, this fish still contains a very large amount of vitamin D. This is an essential element for the absorption of calcium in the body, helping us to have a strong and healthy bone system.

4. A very simple way to skin a fish

To skin a fish, you can follow the following steps:

Step 1: Rinse the fish thoroughly with cold water to remove dirt and any other residues on the skin.

Step 2: Use a knife to cut from the tail to the head of the fish.

Step 3: Continue by cutting the head of the fish off its body and set it aside.

Step 4: Use a knife or a pair of scissors to cut along the outer edge of the majority of the fish, following its length. Try to only cut through the skin, without touching the flesh.

Step 5: Use your fingers or a knife to separate the layer of skin from the flesh while firmly holding onto the skin with the other hand.

Step 6: Peel off the layer of skin from the flesh, and continue until you have removed all the skin from the fish.

After successfully skinning the fish, you should rinse it with cold water before proceeding with further preparation.

The meat of these fish is known to be difficult to fillet. Therefore, you can choose pre-filleted fish from KingFish to use in your cooking process. The skinless beef products can be frozen for up to six months without compromising their quality.

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