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Top 5 Seafood Restaurants in Hanoi

Hanoi is a diverse city with a unique culinary culture, especially when it comes to delicious seafood dishes. On your journey to discover local delicacies, KINGFISH presents to you a list of the “Top 5 Most Loved Seafood Restaurants in Hanoi.” These are fantastic places for you to savor fresh, diverse, and flavorful local seafood.

I/ The Diversity of Seafood Cuisine in Hanoi

Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, is renowned for its distinct culture and cuisine. It’s considered an ideal destination for seafood enthusiasts, attracting not only locals but also international travelers.

In recent years, seafood restaurants have become a popular and beloved culinary trend in Hanoi. These Hanoi seafood restaurants not only meet the growing demand for delicious seafood but also provide a unique and appealing culinary experience for customers

II/ The Top 5 Best Seafood Restaurants in Hanoi

1. Hanoi Ocean House Seafood Restaurant

Are you looking for a luxurious seafood restaurant in Hanoi with professional service? Look no further than Hanoi Ocean House – the ideal destination for seafood lovers.
With a diverse and extensive menu, Hanoi Ocean House offers a variety of fresh and nutritious seafood prepared in various distinctive culinary styles from around the world. From grilled lobster with tamarind sauce, salt and pepper lobster, shrimp salad, and fresh lobsters to lobster in butter sauce and tom yum shrimp, each dish delivers a unique and enticing flavor.

Furthermore, Hanoi Ocean House boasts a diverse wine display area, allowing you to freely choose the appropriate wine to pair with seafood for a truly exquisite experience of the perfect combination of delicate flavors and the aroma of wine.

With high-quality standards and reasonable prices, Hanoi Ocean House is renowned as a top seafood restaurant in Hanoi. Come and explore the unique culinary experience of Hanoi Ocean House today.

2. Thế giới hải sản

Listed among the best seafood restaurants in Hanoi,Thế Giới Hải Sản has become an unmissable destination for those who appreciate the fresh and diverse flavors of the sea.

What stands out at Thế Giới Hải Sản is the focus on premium and diverse fresh ingredients. Each dish here is presented with finesse, providing a memorable visual experience. The young, dynamic, and enthusiastic service staff will ensure you have a complete and enjoyable meal.

Guests atThế Giới Hải Sản have no hesitation in sharing that the food here is truly delicious and satisfying. The quality and flavors of each dish are meticulously ensured down to the smallest details.

Apart from its menu, Thế Giới Hải Sản also emphasizes an elegant and luxurious interior design. Every detail is carefully crafted, creating a warm and comfortable atmosphere for customers. If you seek a private dining experience, Thế Giới Hải Sản also offers VIP rooms to cater to your needs.

Thế Giới Hải Sản is an ideal seafood restaurant in Hanoi that you should try once to experience the flavors of the sea here.

3. Tôm Hùm Restaurant

Tôm Hùm Restaurant offers unique and exquisite dishes made from Australian lobster, green lobster, and Alaskan lobster. Here, you can experience the delicate and harmonious flavors of dishes like lobster sashimi, lobster baked with cheese, lobster stir-fried with salt and pepper, or lobster stir-fried with ginger and spring onion.

As one of the top seafood restaurants in Hanoi, Tôm Hùm Restaurant also offers valuable Hanoi seafood dishes prepared by a team of professional chefs. You can enjoy Japanese abalone with green vegetables, steamed king crab, grilled lobster, and many other dishes. Particularly, the restaurant is famous for dishes made from 80% lobster and sashimi, representing the essence of Japanese cuisine

Not only a culinary destination, Tôm Hùm Restaurant also features a professional team of chefs and staff who are ready to serve you with dedication. With great experience and excellent service quality, Lobster Restaurant has become a familiar and popular place for gourmet diners in Hanoi.

Tôm Hùm Restaurant deserves to be a seafood restaurant in Hanoi with unique culinary experiences that you should try.

4. My Hanh Seafood Restaurant

My Hanh is a traditional Vietnamese seafood restaurant in Hanoi known for its delicious food and reasonable prices. The restaurant has a cozy, intimate, and welcoming atmosphere. When visiting My Hanh, you have the option of sitting indoors or outdoors. Sitting outside on the rooftop, in particular, is an excellent option for enjoying a more comfortable meal while admiring the surrounding scenery.

This Hanoi seafood restaurant emphasizes artistic design while also ensuring the freshness and diversity of its seafood. Every dish at My Hanh is a one-of-a-kind work of art that cannot be found elsewhere.

The menu is varied and intricately prepared, and it features the rich flavors of Vietnamese cuisine. Steamed snow crab, crab with tamarind sauce, soft-shell crab with tamarind sauce, shrimp stir-fried with chili and salt, shrimp baked with cheese, and delicious Hanoi seafood hotpot are all popular dishes. My Hanh’s seafood is unrivaled in terms of quality and freshness.

My Hanh, a top seafood restaurant in Hanoi, is a place where you can enjoy unique dishes and the warm atmosphere of the restaurant.

5. Sam Son Seafood

Sam Son Seafood is one of Hanoi’s best seafood restaurants. This restaurant’s diverse and enticing menu is enough to satisfy any diner. Enjoy refreshing oyster salad, delectable stir-fried mantis shrimp with green tea, exquisite steamed squid, enticing seafood hotpot, flavorful garlic sautéed blood cockles, aromatic shrimp stir-fried with cheese, tasty grilled snails, and sumptuous grilled seal meat with lardons. Furthermore, the hand-held shrimp vermicelli dish is a must-try.

This Hanoi seafood restaurant is well-known not only for its extensive menu but also for its enthusiastic and professional service. The staff here is always willing to advise and fulfill customers’ requests, resulting in a comfortable and cozy environment for diners.

III/ Conclusion

The seafood restaurants in Hanoi mentioned above are beloved and preferred by many. KINGFISH hopes you find a restaurant that meets your requirements and preferences.