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What wine to drink with seafood? Rules on the dining table

If you are a food enthusiast, you will surely enjoy the experience of eating seafood paired with wine. However, the question of ‘what wine to drink with seafood’ still raises many doubts because choosing the right wine for a type of seafood is not always easy. In this article, we will introduce some simple rules to help you choose the right wine when eating seafood.

I/ What wine to drink with seafood?

When attending a seafood feast, choosing the right wine is essential to enhance your culinary experience. Here are some suggestions for ‘what wine to drink with seafood’:

1. Fresh seafood

Fresh seafood such as sashimi, raw seafood, or fresh live lobsters are well-suited with light, aromatic white wines. This type of wine helps preserve the freshness of seafood. The most suitable white wines are Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, and Riesling.

2. Grilled seafood

Grilled seafood like grilled squid, grilled shrimp, or grilled fish pairs well with red wines, especially those with a bitter and high tannin taste. This wine balances the grilled flavor of seafood and enhances your culinary experience. Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Syrah, and Zinfandel are suitable red wines.

3. Fresh seafood with greens

If you combine fresh seafood with greens like salads and vegetables, a light, slightly sour, and aromatic white wine is a perfect choice. You should choose white wines like Sauvignon Blanc, Pinot Grigio, and Riesling.

4. Seafood with spices

If you enjoy seafood with spices like chili, pepper, ginger, shallots, or leeks, you should choose complex, bitter red wines. Do not overlook red wines like Pinot Noir, Syrah, Sangiovese, and Tempranillo

However, due to the high iron content in red wine, pairing it with seafood is not always appropriate, as it can result in a sour and fishy taste. As a result, you must select seafood that complements red wine with care. So, what wine goes best with seafood? A light, fresh, and crisp white wine is the safest bet.

II/ Choosing the right wine for your taste

In addition to the above rules, there are some considerations for ‘what wine to drink with seafood’:

1. First, you should choose wines with an alcohol content of 11-13%. This helps preserve the seafood’s freshness and flavor.
2. Second, if you are unsure about which wine to choose for your seafood, opt for a light, aromatic white wine. This type of wine can pair well with most types of seafood.
3. Finally, always try the wine before purchasing to ensure it suits your taste. If you prefer a bold and intense flavor, choose red wine. If you prefer a light, fresh, and crisp flavor, go for white wine.

Following these basic rules for ‘what wine to drink with seafood,’ choose a light, fresh, and aromatic white wine for fresh seafood and seafood paired with greens, and red wine, particularly those with a bitter taste and high tannins, for grilled, marinated, or dishes with sauces and spices.

III/ Notes for serving and drinking wine with seafood on the dining table

After understanding ‘what wine to drink with seafood,’ you also need to pay attention to how to serve and drink wine to fully enjoy the flavors of both.

1. First, white wine is usually served at temperatures between 8-10°C, while red wine is served at temperatures between 16-18°C. Serving wine at too high or too low temperatures can affect the flavor and quality of the wine.
2. Second, when drinking wine with seafood, remember to drink wine after eating the seafood. This helps avoid the negative effects of alcohol on the seafood’s flavor and keeps the wine from being too overpowering.
3. Finally, savor the wine and seafood slowly and harmoniously to fully enjoy the excellent flavors of both.
These are some general guidelines for deciding ‘what wine to drink with seafood,’ as well as some tips for serving and drinking wine. If you want to host a seafood feast or simply want to try a new way of consuming seafood, follow these guidelines to enjoy the excellent flavors of both.

IV/ Kết luận

To summarize, selecting the right wine for seafood is critical to improving your culinary experience. This article has provided basic guidelines for ‘what wine to drink with seafood’ as well as important dining table notes. Pay attention to wine selection and try it before combining it with seafood.